Extender and Extender with Offset

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Hickman Edge Systems Extenders are easy to install, and consist of a 24 Ga. galvanized continuous cleat and a formed .040-in. aluminum fascia extender. Our Extenders are available in 10-ft. lengths and with four face sizes high to accommodate most requirements.

Features and Benefits

Warranty Includes 20-year Excel Warranty for wind speeds up to 110 mph.
Product Use Inside and outside miters and end caps are available and come in standard lengths of 24-in. nominal. Standard fascia miter angle is 90°. Custom miter requirements are also available.
  • ANSI/SPRI/FM4435/ES-1 tested
  • FM approved
  • Miami-Dade County approved
  • Engineered cleat with locator flange and features pre-punched slotted holes 12-inches OC for easy attachment and installation.
  • Optional heavy-duty .050-inches formed aluminum cover available.
  • Provided with 1½-in. stainless steel nails.
  • Concealed splice plate enhances color continuity, prevents water infiltration at joints and maintains overall professional appearance.


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