EdgeBox RI Metal Blocking System

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EdgeBox is an innovative product that is an engineered metal replacement system for roof nailers. Replaces traditional wood blocking or nailers at the perimeter of a low-slope roof. Eliminates concerns about fastener corrosion in ACQ treated wood. No rotting, insect damage or mold.


Features and Benefits

Product Use EdgeBox RI is designed to replace traditional wood nailers on any type of commercial building.  The system is custom made for the application and available in virtually any height/width combination up to 16-inches.  Call Hickman Edge Systems for larger sizes.
  • Provides a retainer for rigid insulation.
  • Maintains high R-value desired to prevent thermal loss from system.
  • Includes pre-punched holes and supplied with corrosion-resistant fasteners for proper attachment and fast installation.
Technical Data
EdgeBox RI is available in 20 Ga. Galvanized steel with or without a reinforcing spine. Spines are provided in either 16 or 20 Ga. depending on the final product size.
Technical Data
Material Height (in) Width (in)
20 Ga. Galvanized Steel Box 1.25 to 6 3.5 to 6
20 Ga. Galvanized Box w/ 20 Ga. Spine 6.25 to 12 6.25 to 12
20 Ga. Galvanized Box w/ 16 Ga. Spine 12.25 to 16 12.25 to 16


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