ThermalMAX Roof Hatch

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The ThermalMAX Roof Hatch sets the new standard for thermally efficient roof hatches. Designed with a thermal break to keep cool-cool and hot-hot, this hatch boasts an R-20 insulation rating making it today’s most energy efficient hatch.


  • IECC Compliance
  • Enhanced Insulation
  • Thermal Break




Model BRHT
Material 11 gauge Aluminum
Finish Mill
Cover Formed metal cover withstands a live load of 40psf with a max deflection of 1/150 the span
Curb Single wall curb with railing ready EZ tab counterflash and mounting flange
Insulation 3 inch polyiso in curb and cover; R-20.3
Gasket Extruded EPDM adhesive backed acoustic gasket seal, continuous around curb and cover to assure a continuous seal
Spring Gas spring with integrated damper for smooth, controlled lift assistance
Hold Open Arm Zinc plated steel automatic hold open arm locks cover in open position
Hinge Heavy-duty pintle hinge with stainless steel hinge pin
Latch Zinc plated steel spring-type slam latch with inside and outside operating turn handles and padlock hasp provisions; 20psf wind uplift
Pull Handle Interior safety pull down handle, yellow powder coat
Warranty Five (5) years


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