TerminEdge EX MB Fascia with Extruded Retainer

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TerminEdge EX MB is Hickman’s extruded three-piece snap-on fascia for BUR and modified bitumen roofing applications. TerminEdge EX MB provides superior protection from wind and water penetration.

Features and Benefits

Warranty Warranted in wind conditions up to 155 mph. 25-Year Category 5 Warranty
Product Use TerminEdge EX MB is designed for use with BUR and Modified Bitumen roofing systems.
  • Extruded aluminum retainer has an elongated base flange that will secure BUR and modified roofing plies.
  • Standard face sizes are 3.75-in., 5.25-in., 6.75-in. and 8.25-in.
  • ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435 ES-1 Tested
  • FM Approved
  • .Miami-Dade County Approved
Packaging Information
All sizes available in pre-finished 22 and 24 gauge galvanized steel; .050-in. and .063-in. aluminum; 22 and 24 gauge stainless steel.
Packaging Information
Standard Fascia Sizes Face Height (in) Nailers* Covered
TEX MB 375 3.75 1
TEX MB 525 5.25 2
TEX MB 675 6.75 3
TEX MB 825 8.25 4


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