Versico TPO Fleece – Central TX

January 2014
Location – Austin TX
Contractor – Evergreen Energy Systems
Existing Roof – Granulated Modified Bitumen Cap Sheet
The building owner was concerned about securing a new roof system via
mechanical means due to his concrete deck which was only 1″ thick between the
thicker T forms which provide the support for the deck. Securing with Fasteners
into this type of deck could spall the bottom of the deck and cause serious
structural concerns and eventually cause the deck to fail or worse cave in.
Evergreen Roofing invited me to the meeting and once we were able to show him
the reflectivity, seam strength, and puncture resistance advantages of Versico’s 115 mil
TPO Fleeceback membrane he was sold. The other major advantage was we could
adhere directly to his existing modified membrane with Versico’s Dash Adhesive
low rise foam so we did not have to penetrate the deck with Fasteners in the
membrane seams. Lastly we had minor disruption to the existing business in this
retail space and were on and off the roof in 2 days fully completed. -[Lane Reed]
Evergreen Energy photo 3
Evergreen Energy photo 2
Evergreen Energy photo 1