Versico Introduces VapAir Seal MD

Versico is pleased to introduce VapAir Sealâ„¢ MD, an air and vapor barrier for direct-to-metal-deck applications. Due to the increased awareness of the consequences associated with air and vapor movement in buildings, air and vapor barriers have become a more common component in roofing systems. The addition of these products improves thermal efficiency and reduces moisture movement.
Historically, the roofing industry has had very few options for effective direct-to-metal-deck air and vapor barriers that meet fire code approvals. VapAir Seal MD is the first self-adhered air and vapor barrier that is FM approved.
Unlike thin polyethylene films, VapAir Seal MD not only stops vapor drive but also prevents air from moving moisture into the roofing system. It can be easily seamed and used to flash penetrations, creating a complete air and vapor seal. VapAir Seal MD protects the roofing system from environments with extreme internal humidity, such as wet industrial processes, breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens and bathrooms.