Single Ply Membranes/EPDM/TPO/PVC

Single-ply membranes are flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials that are manufactured in a factory. MMI represents Versico’s TPO, EPDM, and PVC membranes both standard, fiberglass reinforced, and those engineered with Dupont Elvaloy Polymers.  Single Ply Membranes provide an effective and economical means of waterproofing large conventional roofs but also allow the specifier ample scope to design unusual and visually exciting roofing elements. In designing performance characteristics in a single-ply membrane or single-ply system you have to keep in mind what elements the material is going to be subjected to.  Roofing membranes need to perform 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without resting periods. Roofing membranes are exposed to UV Rays, rain, snow, hail, standing water, micro organisms, chemical pollutants, animal fats,vast temperature changes, wind and dynamic flexing, etc. The expectations of single-ply membranes should be that the membrane:


  • Is a waterproofing sheet
  • Must remain waterproof throughout its service life
  • Must be non-flammable
  • Must comply with building codes
  • Must be easy to work with and repair
  • Be pliable at different temperatures (especially extreme cold)
  • Be weldable


Designing the most energy efficient, Energy Star Rated, to not only dramatically lower utilities, but to help the environment is our passion.  Versico offers our clients Life Cycle Cost analysis of various roofing systems to help them determine the optimal design for their buildings.  Many clients take advantage of this service to assist in designing systems that pay for themselves in a very short time.  In addition numerous programs are available to take advantage of rebate programs offered from local utilities as well as the federal government.





The four common ways to install single-ply membranes:

1. Loose-Laid/Ballasted: The membrane is laid out loosely and only attached at the perimeter (the edges) and  around curbs and flashings.  After the membrane is laid down, ballast is put on top of it to hold membrane in place.  Ballast is usually aggregate or concrete pavers.  This type of roofing system is generally only used when the roof is wide open with few penetrations, and the most cost effective roofing system available is critical.

2. Mechanically Attached: Mechanically attached systems are attached through the seam to deck below with fasteners and plates, then heatwelded to create a monolithic membrane.  Mechanically Attached systems have become the most popular roofing system in the industry.  Offering outstanding uplift resistance, and ease of installation, Verisco Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems offer high performance at an economical price.

VersiWeld _TPO_MA_System_Cut Sheet
VersiFlex _PVC_MA_System_Cut Sheet

3. Fully Adhered: Fully adhered systems are bonded to approved insulation, cover board or existing smooth surface, over the entire substrate.  These systems offer unmatched performance, and an attractive smooth


VersiWeld_TPO Fully-Adhered_System
TPO Quick Reference Code Guide
PVC Quick Reference Code Guide

4.  Rhino Bond Attachment: These systems perform like fully adhered systems, but utilize a unique plate that is welded to the bottom side of the membrane using a proprietary welding machine invented by Olympic Manufacturing Group.  This system offers a highly efficient labor option, but the high wind uplift benefits of fully adhered systems.

RhinoBond_Brochure (PDF)

5. Metal Retrofit Roofing System: When it comes to retrofitting a metal rooftop, no one offers more membranes or attachment options than Versico.  With a versatile lineup of EPDM and TPO membranes, Versico offers a durable, long-lasting system for any region or climate. These membranes can be mechanically attached or fully adhered with a variety of fasteners or adhesives, allowing you to personalize your retrofitted roof system to the specific needs of your project.


  • Preserves the existing metal roof to prevent further deterioration
  • Creates a stable system by reducing expansion and contraction.
  • Provides a roof system that reduces noise for occupants.
  • Improves R-Value and can help reduce energy costs.
  • Offers a cool roof option for additional energy savings.
  • Multiple roof system options directly installed over existing roof eliminates costly removal.
  • Systems are backed by Versico’s industry-leading warranties.


Metal Retrofit _ System Sheet (PDF)


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                       Before                                                                                    After


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